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Apr. 13th, 2012

Writer's Block: Interior Decorating

When you were a kid, what posters and pictures adorned your room's walls -- TV/movie stars, singers/bands, athletes, Einstein, bio-hazard warning signs? Why were they worthy of display (and did your parents ever yell at you to take them down)?

UGH! Seriously? I hit submit and it just goes blank!??
Ok will try this again.

David Cassidy was my first teen crush, Probably at some point the Beatles & The Monkees also graced a wall or two. I went through a Frank Zappa phase in High School, along with Cheech & Chong so they may have also been part of my decor.

(seems to be an issue with using Rich Text, HTML posts just fine)

Mar. 20th, 2012

zombie me

On the mend-ish

So I had my knee surgery finally, 3 wks ago last Monday.  I spent a week in the hospital, mostly do to a failure in getting me transferred, who's fault not sure, then 10 days at the rehab.  Staff couldn't have been nicer, and I guess it served it's purpose more or less, but I've made better gains since I've been home.  They've given me my own personal drill Sargent, trust me nothing motivates better than the promise of "I don't want to hurt you, but I will if you don't progress".  *eep*  She's 100% right, I damn sure don't want her bending my knee.

If I could just stop getting so stiff after each activity (or period of non activity) I would do better.  I keep forgetting that actually it's only been 3 weeks.  I feel like it's been forever.

Anyway, for those who may have this looming in their possible future, one thing they were absolutely right about, it hurts like a bitch.  Unrelenting, omg hurting, and sadly you must do the exercises, even though they hurt even worse, there is no getting better with out them.

Feb. 20th, 2012

1 week count down...

to my new knee. 

I talk myself out of and back into this every day.  lol  I hate surgery, hate hospitals... but by the end of the day I don't hate them more than the pain and lack of mobility.  *sigh*

Today is my appointment with my GP to "clear" me for surgery, Thursday I see the orthopedist for my pre-op visit and next Monday I go under the knife.

But before I do anything today, I am going to have a pedicure!!  Treating myself, mind you the pretty toes are just a bonus, I go for the foot & leg massage!!  lol

Feb. 19th, 2012

Uhura fabulous


Star Trek IDW's TNG/Doctor Who Crossover Comic Due In May

Jan. 9th, 2012


First day back to work.

Aside from the initial OMG thought when the alarm went off @ 5:30am, and my reluctance to get out of bed (two smacks on the snooze button lol), the day went fine.  Busy at work, but still managed to do OK on half a pain pill.  I now have 31 days worth of half pills, and 35 days of work.   So at least I'll only have to really suffer that last week.  o_O


Crash also started back to BCC tonight, we made the trek out to the campus earlier today to get her books, thankfully she already has the math book, but the rest still cost nearly $300.  *eep*

So.. Eldest a.k.a. Scary Spice turned 30 yesterday.  *sigh* I have a 30 yr old child.  Which means for the better part of 30 yrs I have been raising, or caring for children.  I am tired.  LOL  You'd think I'd be a lot less fat too, all that up & down and to & fro... lifting, cleaning, etc...  But no, 30 yrs of cookies, cake & misc snacks have taken their toll.  

For her birthday gift I paid a traffic ticket for her, and made her 30 chocolate cake pops w/cherries in the middle.  

Jan. 1st, 2012


Cake Pops

Are my latest obsession.  I've been intrigued for awhile, but the thought of baking a cake, crumbling it, mixing with frosting to make the balls and then coating them in more frosting/chocolate/whatever, just seemed like sweetness overload.

Not to mention uber diet unfriendly.

Then i saw the cake pop pan on TV!  Wha Freakin La!!!

So I went online and ordered two pans.  The trick is to go to the page, and then try to leave it and get an extra 15% off, which helps off set the extra "shipping and handling fee" for the second "free" pan.  ha.  (extra S&H but they come in the same box.  Right.) They also came with reusable (ick) pop sticks, individual cellophane wraps w/ twist ties, and decorating squeeze bottles.  I'm glad I popped for the extra pan though, each pan makes 18 pops and one cake mix makes just about 36 pops.

Also I wasn't impressed with the "reusable" sticks that came with the pans, yes they are plastic so in theory you could pop them into the dishwasher and reuse, but really why?  I can get Wilton pop sticks at Walmart, and frankly they don't really need the sticks.  I ran out and found that no one really minded the ones with out sticks, since the chocolate is quite solid it's no worse than picking up a piece of chocolate candy.  In fact if I make some for gran #3's birthday in 3 wks, I doubt I will use any sticks, save my daughter the joy of picking up sticky sticks in strange places for days afterward!  lol

I've made several batches, the first one was for family and were a big hit.  A batch for the last day of work before xmas vacation, and a huge batch of 60 for DH's motorcycle club's xmas party.  (yeah never doing that big a batch again lol), and lastly a batch for new years I decided to try and experiment.  I put a cherry in the middle of the cake.

Whooo!  Were they good!  Dark chocolate cake, milk chocolate coating and cream cheese cookie icing drizzled across the top.  Everyone liked the pops, but those when almost immediately.    Scary Spice wants some of those for her birthday, next Sunday.

OMG she's gonna be 30.  


I have a 30 year old child.

I think I need a drink.  lol

Happy New Year!!

I Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Years celebration last night, and that 2012 brings you joy and happiness! 

Dec. 27th, 2011

(no subject)

Getting a spectacular amount of nothing done so far this vacation.  I did manage to clean my bathroom (thank-god) and our bedroom.  Well mostly, still a couple of baskets of clean clothes needed to be folded/put away but am procrastinating that till tomorrow.  Still a vast improvement over the multiple piles o'crap, wrapping paper, shopping bags, and stuff making midnight treks to the potty, quite hazardous for moi.

Also mostly picked up the living room, but never quite got to run the vacuum.  Will have to wait until tomorrow I think.

Well Scary Spice had her first day back to work, not the job we originally was hoping for, instead of Merry Maids she's working at the Family Dollar.  Merry Maids initially would pay better (and honestly I'd love those hours much better), however the lady who hired her indicated a quick rise in advancement & pay, maybe as soon as 60 days.  And the start date was today, vs sometime after Jan 1.

The girls have been mostly good, although gran#2 seems to have just lost her mind and whacked the crap outta gran #3 for no reason.  

Off to threaten young lives.  lol

Dec. 25th, 2011


A pleasant day all around, got to sleep in a bit and relax before heading over to the mother in law @ 10:30-ish.  Crash went over early to prepare for breakfast, home made banana and monkey breads, Starbucks coffee and all I had to do was show up!  LOL
Scary Spice arrived shortly after with the three grands in tow, and in a flurry of paper shreds and bows gifts were opened pretty quick.  I did very well, including but not limited to a Keurig Elite brewing system.  I can't wait until morning!  LOL Crash seemed to be thrilled with her Nook, I told her we'd go tomorrow sometime and pick out a case for it.  Later we made the short trek over to the island to the Chinese buffet, oh it was So good!  Everything was tasty, and they had a nice selection on the sushi bar which thrilled me to no end!  Spent the rest of the day watching TV and reading.  

Found a new author, JR Rain.  I read the first in a series Moon Dance, pretty good paranormal mystery story, I enjoyed it immensely and am now on the second book Vampire Moon.  I believe they are self published books, available at B&N dot com as well as his own site, all very reasonably priced all under $4.  I'm probably going to read the entire series, and maybe some of his other stuff as well, so far I like his characters and the stories he tells.  

*edited to fix the pronouns, evidently JR Rain is a male not female as I assumed before reading his bio on the website!  LOL  My bad.  I still recommend giving him a try, if you like paranormal elements and light mystery (not quite cozy but kind of close to).

Dec. 23rd, 2011

(no subject)

wow.  I sure picked a week to come back huh.  I dunno, guess most of the changes don't either effect or bother me... so far.  I did note someone complained that the were switched to auto pay without their permission, I don't think this was anything nefarious, as it has happened to me before, it takes two seconds to switch back.  However if you're linked to a debt vs credit card, you might want to change this.  I think I've been paying with paypal up till now, but it all comes out of the same account so I may leave it, just to save the hassle.  If I decide to remain a paid user.

I spend a lot of time on Facebook, only because a lot of local friends are there, and it requires little action when I'm busy, a like button or share button click and I'm off.  

I'm on google+ but not too many friends there.  Yet.

And twitter for those who want to add me I am Guinan on all except Facebook.

I've also gone over to Dreamwidth... not sure what to make of that.  I made an account, but I think I might be too old for that learning curve.  lol  We shall see

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